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Name:Mr. David Herlambang [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:+62 31 70101080
Phone Number:+62 31 7010 1080
Fax Number:+62 31 748 2124
Address:Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Mar. 13, 2006
Last Updated:Jan. 30, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Chemicals category

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We produce Premium Quality Ground Calcium Carbonate ( GCC) powder from selected high grade limestones with high degree of purity, whiteness, and consistent fine particle size.
Product Specifications:
CaCO3: min. 97%
CaO : min 54%
MgCO3: max 0.8%
MgO : max 0.5%
Fe2O3: max 0.05%
Al2O3 : max 0.07%
Moisture: max 0.10%
Brightness: min 90%
We are capable to produce in various top-cut sizes ( d97% ) ranging from:
45 Micron ( Mesh 325)
25 Micron ( Mesh 500)
15 Micron ( Mesh 800)
10 Micron ( Mesh 1200)
8 Micron ( Mesh 2000)
Our Capacity is 400 - 1000 ( Metric Ton/ Month)
Please Do NOT hesitate to contact us
We' ll give you the BEST Product at the LOWEST Price.

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